CRDF Seed Fund Awarded

The Hutchison Research Group has been awarded a Central Research Development Fund (CRDF) Seed Grant.

The purpose of these grants is “to enhance opportunities for faculty, especially junior faculty, at the University of Pittsburgh to engage in high-quality research, scholarship, and creative endeavors. The program is intended to provide funding support that cannot be obtained from other sources.”

Leah, Evan, and Bryan Graduate

Congratulations to undergraduate researchers Leah Seebald, Evan Richards, and Bryan Siegfried for graduating this spring!

Leah, having worked on theoretical and computational projects in the group, is moving on to a job with RedPath Integrated Pathology, Inc.

Evan worked on pthalocyanine synthesis and will soon begin working for Sonneborn Industries on analytical methods.

Bryan worked primarily with the development of phalocyanine derivative synthetic methods and plans to work in chemical or bioscience industry.


Paula Hoffmann and Steven Owens Join

This Spring, graduate students Paula Hoffmann and Steven Owens joined the group.

Steven will work on the organic solar cell project with a specialization in thiophenes, and Paula will begin with electronic Atomic Force Microscopy and other characterization techniques.

Welcome, Paula and Steven!

Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Workshop

On November 14th-16th, Dr. Hutchison spoke at the fall Simulation Workshop at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility (CNF).

The purpose of the workshop was to bring together leading figures in nanoscience and materials simulation in order to facilitate the sharing of theoretical data in a world-wide setting.  The group sought to create an international “cyber infrastructure” through which researchers could easily connect simulation results and publications.  Dr. Hutchison contributed talks on his development of Avogadro and Open Babel, both of which have made a large contribution to furthering the goals of the workshop.