Dr. Andrey Sharapov Defends

Many congratulations to Dr. Andrey Sharapov! Andrey defended his dissertation “Fast Treatment Of Pi-Stacking Using Density Functional Theory” in physics on April 8th. His dissertation involved the use of the Harris approximation in DFT for predicting pi stacking geometries in conjugated molecules, with a speed up of 10-20x over conventional methods. Congrats Andrey!

Ten Hundred Words

For Ten Hundred Words of Science: Explaining Complex Science in Plain English.

We make tiny things which make power from the sun and other tiny things which make power from moving. Both can help power the world.

We think hard about how matter really works and how tiny things can come together to make a whole. We try to understand how power moves through stuff. By asking how these tiny things work, and come together to form a whole, we can make them work better. So using what we learn, we make new things.

Part of our job is also to help other people to learn about these things, and how to ask and answer new questions.

Ilana wins a 2012 Safford Award

Congratulations to Ilana for winning a Safford Award for excellence in teaching. As the fourth member of the group to be recognized, she has demonstrated outstanding teaching capability and a willingness to go above and beyond the dimensions of her teaching assignment.

Well done, Ilana!

Best Poster Prize at Gordon Conference on Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions

Last week, Prof. Hutchison presented a poster on our molecular piezoelectric research, “Donor-Acceptor Molecule Piezoelectrics: Electromechanical Materials from the Bottom Up” at the 2012 Gordon Research Conference on Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions. The work was picked as one of the three best posters at the conference, and he gave a presentation on Thursday night in one of the coveted “poster talk” slots.

Group Members Accepted to Speak at ACS Meeting

Group members Steve Owens, Andrey Sharapov, Xinfeng Quan, and Xialing Chen have been accepted to give talks while attending the fall meeting of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia August 19-23, 2012.

Professor Hutchison will also be giving several talks.

Congratulations! More details on the talks will be posted when available later this summer.