PPG Poster Session

Today, PPG held a session titled “Young Innovator’s Showcase” where Steve, Xinfeng, and Paula presented posters on their recent work.

PPG seeks to highlight the innovator’s of tomorrow as part of their larger corporate event: Cultivate to Commercialize.

Well done everyone!


Best Poster Prize at Gordon Conference on Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions

Last week, Prof. Hutchison presented a poster on our molecular piezoelectric research, “Donor-Acceptor Molecule Piezoelectrics: Electromechanical Materials from the Bottom Up” at the 2012 Gordon Research Conference on Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions. The work was picked as one of the three best posters at the conference, and he gave a presentation on Thursday night in one of the coveted “poster talk” slots.

Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Workshop

On November 14th-16th, Dr. Hutchison spoke at the fall Simulation Workshop at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility (CNF).

The purpose of the workshop was to bring together leading figures in nanoscience and materials simulation in order to facilitate the sharing of theoretical data in a world-wide setting.  The group sought to create an international “cyber infrastructure” through which researchers could easily connect simulation results and publications.  Dr. Hutchison contributed talks on his development of Avogadro and Open Babel, both of which have made a large contribution to furthering the goals of the workshop.

Science 2010

Science 2010 was the tenth annual celebration of science and technology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Hutchison participated in a spotlight session titled “Material Related to Energy.”  His talk, Next Generation Solar Cells: Faster, Cheaper, Better, outlined the group’s developing research project on the development of the organic solar cells of the future, combining research and theory to push solar energy to the forefront of commercial energy solutions.