Science 2010

Science 2010 was the tenth annual celebration of science and technology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Hutchison participated in a spotlight session titled “Material Related to Energy.”  His talk, Next Generation Solar Cells: Faster, Cheaper, Better, outlined the group’s developing research project on the development of the organic solar cells of the future, combining research and theory to push solar energy to the forefront of commercial energy solutions.

Science 2009

At Science 2009 (Unplugged), Dr. Hutchison was asked to give a talk about the rational design of electronic materials from the ground up.  During the talk, he highlighted the group’s research methodology of first systematically screening conducting polymers for their potential use in electronic materials, then approaching the molecule synthetically to determine the feasibility of its creation and use in certain materials.

Great Talk!

APS Meeting

Dr. Hutchison just attended the Spring American Physical Society Meeting, during which, he was the chair of a focus session on nanomaterials for energy applications.