Research accomplished by the Hutchison group would not be possible without financial support from the following sources:


American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund:

The ACS Petroleum Research Fund’s vision is to “…support innovative fundamental research, advanced scientific education, and the careers of scientists, to aid in significantly increasing the world’s energy options.”




Air Force Office of Scientific Research:

The AFOSR supports scientific research that has the potential of benefiting both wartime and peacekeeping efforts in three distinct avenues: 1) aerospace, chemical and material sciences, 2) mathematics, information and life sciences, and 3) physics and electronics. In addition, the program supports graduate and undergraduate level education and provides unique funding opportunities through its ‘special programs.’



High Performance Technologies, Inc. (HPTI):

HPTi focuses on the technology challenges of the federal government. We seek out the most challenging opportunities in a variety of disciplines ranging from systems engineering to secure software development to advanced program management to computational science.





Research Corporation for Science Advancement:

Through the Cottrell Scholar Awards program, ResCorp funds early career faculty members at U.S. institutions who are committed to excellence in both research and undergraduate teaching. The main goal of the CSA program is to reinforce the “university scholar model,” which maintains that only through a balance of research and teaching  may we both attract and retain young researchers in scientific fields.



University of Pittsburgh:

Pitt offers funding for a variety of research avenues within the undergraduate and graduate curricula. Funded through the university, the Office of Research provides assistance in the form of information services, project and proposal development assistance, and grants and contracts administration for preaward and selected post-award tasks.